Not such a newbie anymore.....

Well, it has been over 3 months since we sold our home of 22 years in Nashville and moved to Chicago. It has been a adventure for sure! In that time I have found 2 jobs, one taking care of a 3,000 square foot terrace garden in the Gold Coast of Chicago and a retail position at Title Nine in Lincoln Park. I feel very lucky! Both jobs are great! Title Nine is a company that I have admired for a long time and now working for them I have not been disappointed. I also enjoy my garden gig as I am working for myself doing what I love to do by taking care of a garden, especially since I don’t have my own garden space any longer.
I travel to both my jobs by bike most of the time. I figure my days are numbered in terms of the weather, so biking as much as I can now. However, I have meet some people that will use their bike year round. I may have to try this!


My new bike and my new life!

I am one happy girl because I just completed a big ole adventure! I rode my brand new bike that I bought at Kozy’s bike shop to the grocery store! The new bike is so much better than my old mountain bike! It is complete with panniers or saddlebags and I will eventually get a basket for the front and a bell. My adventure begins with my first trip to Trader Joes with my bike. I took my panniers in with me to be mindful of how much I could buy. I did pretty well because everything fit! The saddlebags were kind of heavy, but once I got it on the bike I really didn’t notice. I am so excited not to be in a car that I had to share it with you all!

My Hood!

I have finally landed in my new neighborhood of Buena Park, which is part of the Uptown neighborhood. I really like the feel of the hood so far, we are only a block from the park and the trails that can take you all along the lakefront.

Our new digs.

I know, I know, it has been over a week since I have posted anything, but I’ve got a good excuse. We moved into our new home on July 1st and it takes a good amount of time to unpack a gazillion boxes! Now that I’m on the other side, I have got to say, it feels so good to be amongst my own stuff again! It makes me feel like I am home again and it is so sweet!

My dream bike.

This is my dream bike. It doesn’t have to be pink, that would be a bonus, but it does have to have a basket with flowers in front! I am ready to embrace my new lifestyle without a car and a cool bike would sure be helpful. I could even go to the grocery store with it because it will have a carrier mounted on the back wheel. So, it’s practical too! If any of you know where I could get one of these used, please let me know!

My childhood...

If you recognize this maybe you grew up in the midwest? When I was a kid in Iowa, I would spend my summer days in the large Mulberry tree that was at the end of our block. We would climb up there and eat the huge, purple, juicy berries all day long. It was a rare to see a mulberry tree in Nashville, so i was thrilled to see a few here in Chicago. I even eaten a few! A taste of childhood!

My fall from grace

I had just started my afternoon run along the lakefront this afternoon, thinking about how much I love the gravel paths when I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face! I got right back up, kind of embarrassed, and decided to abandon the run. This cut up knee was actually not the worst of it. When I got home and cleaned myself off I noticed my elbow had a huge goose egg! So, note to self, pay attention at all times when running outside. I have to take these kind of things as a learning lesson, kind of humbling and grounding at the same time.

Dollop Coffeehouse

This coffeehouse is right across the street from our new apartment, which we will move into 2 weeks from today! I will be so excited to see the moving van from Nashville coming down the street to our new home loaded with all our stuff! I see a delicious iced coffee from Dollop in store for me that afternoon.

Look what we found!

In our new neighborhood of Uptown, Lucy and I took our morning walk in the direction of the lake and as we crested a small hill this is what we found! It is a certified dog beach! What luck! Lucy had a ball running in the water, but still has not let her feet leave the ground and swim. I’m hoping she gets the hang of it soon. If it wasn’t for dog owners, I wouldn’t talk to anyone except Billy for the last couple of weeks. Having a dog brings new friends too!

The importance of flowers....

It makes me so happy to see flowers along the streets of Chicago. It also makes me realize I must bend over and get my hands dirty soon. I do miss it. I’ve already pick out some possible spots at our new home to grow some things. It gives me hope.